As the name itself says, we are Salt & Sand, prestige housing with one of the best views on the island of Krk that will take your mind off things while you calm your body and soul.

Whether you want to chill by the pool side, travel around the island or go to the beach – we got you covered. It is our sole purpose and mission to satisfy our customers in any way we can.

The house & apartments were refurbished completely in 2016 in a modern Mediterranean style.

For a better flavor add a pinch of salt in your favour.

SALT & SAND Villa with a view

Please enjoy our house where you can stay in three prestigious apartments. Prepare yourself for a vacation full of salt & sand! To keep you, our customers satisfied we have adjusted our prices to an acceptable rate despite the prestige rooms and exclusive location. House includes: parking, internet, satellite TV, swimming pool, wakeboard equipment, outside stone house kitchen and dinning suitable for up to 10 people. Pets are allowed. Two bikes are available for free.

Apartment 1

Apartment 1

2-3 people
30 m2
10 m2 terrace

Apartment 2

Apartment 2

4-5 people
61 m2
15 m2 terrace by the pool

Apartment 3

Apartment 3

4-6 people
70 m2
20 m2 terrace

SUN & SEA Villa with a view

The luxurious modern villa with a private pool provides you with the most comfortable and pleasurable vacation. You can simply stay inside and enjoy the carefully designed interior or explore the terrace with a free mini bar and garden, that both offer a beautiful view of the whole Punat bay. Next to the pool, you also have an outdoor kitchen and grill at your disposal, which you may use for an intimate homemade dinner. The property is fenced for the safety of your pets. Sun & Sea Villa is located in Kornić, with walking distance to the beach, just two kilometres from the town Punat and five kilometres from the capital, Krk.

Come visit us this summer and catch your dream holidays …
… they are made of Sun & Sea.


Apartment 'Sea'

Apartment 'Sea'

5-6 people
75 m2
6 m2 balcony

Apartment 'Sun'

Apartment 'Sun'

2-4 people
40 m2
40 m2 terrace by the pool



There is a reason why Krk is one of the most visited places in Croatia. Beautiful untouched nature is combined with different sports and activities, so wether you’re into exploring the island or extreme sports, Krk’s got it all.

The cable is located just 500 meters from the house and is a fun activity for the whole family on a hot sunny day. Diving centre is also just down the road. You can go to Punat or Krk to rent Quad bikes and scooters to go explore the island. If you wish to take a little time off from the kids, you can take them to the aquapark, which is located just across the bay in Punat. Beautiful hiking trails, brand new cycling paths, free-climbing mountains and sandy beaches are located all around the island, while the most beautiful sites are in Stara Baška. Nearby Punat bay is also ideal place for windsurfing.

You can discover beautiful beaches by yourself or we can help you find the hidden ones with our boat.

You can go to the capital to walk around the old city centre, grab a bite in one of the many great seafood restaurants. If you’re a culinary enthusiast, the town of Vrbnik is your place to visit, being famous for it’s delicious local wine and homemade honey. And the last but not least thing you can do, is drive to Čižiči, where there is special well-known healing mud, which is a very unique way to spend a fun day, while doing your body a favour.

As you can see, Krk is a very diverse place with everything to offer, while the only thing missing is you!


Browse through our comprehensive gallery and discover all aspects of our house, rooms and surroundings, while you get lost in the extraordinary view of the gulf from the property.

News & Extras


Explore the Krk nightlife!

Don’t just want to enjoy Krk during the day? Just across the bay there is a beach bar “Onyx” in Punat, where you can enjoy cocktails next to the sea or go crazy indoor with a DJ and ‘gogo’ dancers ...

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Big game fishing

Krk is also famous for it’s big game fishing experiences. You can apply through one of the agencies in Krk and try your luck with tunas. It’s a great way to test your skills and at the same time ...


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Sun & Sea 1


We are located in Kornić, which is on the central/southern side of the island Krk. It is a small and peaceful town, just 300 meters from the beach.  Shop, bakery, restaurant and cafe are all within walking distance from the house. If you wish to visit the capital – town of Krk – you have just about 7 minutes of driving.

Punat is located 3 minutes away and Vrbnik about 10. Other towns such as Malinska, Njivice, Baška and Stara baška are all just 15 minutes of driving away from the house.  It is strategically one of the best locations possible, while also providing a spectacular view.


Igor Kralj, Ledine 4, Kornic, Island of Krk +386 41 666 596


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